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Safe Climate

Imagine a Victoria where the air we breathe is clean and fresh. Where the energy that fuels our lives comes from steady winds and warm sunshine. Transportation for everyone is fast, efficient, and clean. Highly efficient buildings keep emissions incredibly low. Where oxygen-producing vegetation is thick, abundant and sustainable. And our state sets the emissions standard for the rest of the country … and the rest of the world.

Now imagine yourself getting involved in one of the many ongoing campaigns and programs designed to reduce Victoria's greenhouse gas emissions and restore our climate by the year 2020. 

The Basics

Each year, our state releases more than 120 million tonnes of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, which makes Victoria one of the planet’s worst polluters per capita. Sweden has double the population, and half the greenhouse pollution of Victoria.

Nearly half of our total pollution comes from four coal-fired power stations which together emit 58 million tonnes per year.

Over 95 percent of Victoria's electricity currently comes from burning brown coal, which is one of the most polluting ways of generating electricity.

Victoria is Australia's car manufacturing hub. But we still don't have pollution limits for new cars as other states and countries around the world do.

Our solar water heating industry generates $78 million in sales annually and supports 700 jobs, yet only five percent of our households currently use solar water heating.

Victoria currently is home to Australia's only wind manufacturing with a factory in Portland which employs 430 people and supplies towers for wind farms around the country and the world. 

But Victorian state laws obstructing windfarm developments prevent us from really taking advantage of this local green manufacturing hub.

Environment Victoria has commissioned research which shows that Victoria could more than halve its greenhouse pollution by 2020.

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